Sunday, 2 July 2017

Why cybercriminals are really attacking your smart home

Security issues are a major roadblock in the large-scale adoption of IoT, but not all consumers are aware of the vulnerabilities in their home devices; vulnerabilities they most often facilitate themselves.In most cases, manufacturers rush to market and forget about security. Throughout their purchase journey, users are more often driven by the latest trends or whims, and don’t carefully look into product reviews or demand manufacturers look into strong security algorithms in the device 
lifecycle. Even though IoT security flaws are stalling its growth and global adoption, the segment gaining real traction is home security alarm services. Often, users are not even aware that they own a smart home and don’t know its implications. “A fifth or fewer realize they live in a smart home,” confirms a  Bitdefender global study on IoT adoption and smart homes.The most common smart devices in people’s homes are smartphones, desktop computers and tablets

followed by smart TVs and wireless gaming consoles, the study found. US households lead adoption, with an average of 13 smart devices or accessories each.Mirai attacks have been in the news quite a lot and although, for now, attacks seem to have ceased, DDoS attacks generated by Mirai infections are expected to keep coming our way. As security experts believe we’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg, Mirai and malware of its like are spreading, taking over DVRs and routers,sooner or later taking its toll on consumer life.Despite poor authentication mechanisms in IoT devices, users make it very easy for hackers to bypass security and infiltrate their networks because they forget to change default credentials, run software updates or use a strong security agent for their home. So if your password is still “admin”, “123456” or something easy to guess based on your personal information, you are a perfect candidate for brute-force attacks. As many as 16 percent of US residents use the same password for all devices. Don’t join their club!  Mcafee Contact Number
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